A downloadable game for Windows

1st Demo, Demo Day 22 Edition

CONTROLS (non-rebindable currently)

  • Arrows to move
  • X to attack
  • Z to block
  • CTRL to lock target
  • SPACE to roll
  • A to use items
  • P to pause
  • ESC to restart / quit game
  • ENTER to restart


  • Level generation
  • Player movement (attacks, blocking, dodge rolling, target locking)
  • Basic enemies
  • Loot


  • Character collisions occasionally buggy (characters may teleport a few blocks)
  • Enemies occasionally start shaking in place

Feedback about combat and performance is appreciated.

FPS counter is in the top left corner (capped at 200 fps). I'd like to hear how the game performs.


gloomy_keep_DD22.exe 2 MB


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This is fantastic and works similarly to a project I'm trying to create. I wish there was a ranged attack. Something like a grenade throw. 


how the FUCK was this made in game maker studio


it's beautiful btw



Great game, I second gamepad support.

Wow its a really nice game with a lot  potential, if u add gamepad compatibility will be great, what program did u use?

thanks, gamepad control is on the to-do list. The game is made purely in GM:S 1.4